Hey! I’m Gina a photographer based in Maidstone, Kent with over 10 years experience shooting live.

In a world full of identical averages, I focus my time on helping extraordinary people (and brands) tell their story. Originally from Cape Town, I made the UK my home over 20 years ago. 

I have a degree in Graphic Art, and when I’m not looking at life through a lens, you can find me in a yoga class. 

Photography isn’t just about shooting moments, it’s also about creating them. In an increasingly guarded and impersonal world, I make photography personal again. 

I get to know you and what you’d like to achieve with your images. If you’re not comfortable enough to have fun, you’re not relaxed enough to be yourself!   

Photognic is more than a service, it’s an experience that I’ve honed for my clients over dozens of shoots. 

If you’re looking for someone outside of the norm, who loves personal expression, creating great experiences and shooting original brand stories – I’d like to work with you.  



My name is Gina.

I offer a personalised brand photography service that enhances your online profile and attracts your perfect client. I avoid the uninspired and overly formal style of corporate headshots that are prevalent on LinkedIn, and lean in with a signature edgy, colourful and emotive style that brings your brand to life.