Brand Shoot with a Reiki Master – A Captivating Photo Journey

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I’m thrilled to share an intriguing photography tale with you. It all began at my trusted Bluepool Networking group (which I photograph and attend), where holistic practitioners and creative souls convene. During our latest gathering, I had the pleasure of meeting Savanna from Essence of Light, a talented Master Reiki energy healer who had journeyed all the way from Hertfordshire.

Savanna’s serene presence immediately resonated with me, and by the end of our networking session, it was evident that our paths were meant to cross. We exchanged contact details, setting the stage for a remarkable photoshoot down the line.

Over the following weeks, Savanna and I meticulously planned the details of our shoot. We discussed wardrobe choices, crafted a comprehensive shot list, and thoughtfully selected ideal locations. My mission has always been to authentically capture my clients, and that demands careful preparation.

Our choice of locale was Savanna’s charming Hertfordshire home. Our focus: lifestyle shots, candid moments of Savanna working with clients, and teaching sessions. Although we had hoped for some outdoor shots, the unpredictable British weather had other plans. Not to worry—I arrived armed with light kit!

For the next two hours, Savanna and I worked in harmony, bringing our creative vision to life. Her home was immaculate, and each chosen area was set up perfectly for our shoot. Given the confined spaces, I opted for creative shots with a low aperture, perfectly aligned with Savanna’s preference for artistic, unconventional angles.

Our extensive conversations in the weeks leading up to the shoot allowed me to gain profound insight into Savanna’s vision. I then infused my signature Photognic style into the shots, blending her ideas with my creative touch.

The result? An impressive collection of photos showcasing Savanna in various scenarios, outfits, and perhaps even reflecting different emotions. These images are now her versatile toolkit, ready for seamless integration across all her marketing platforms. I delivered the edited album digitally within just two days, ensuring Savanna received her captivating visuals promptly.

This experience served as a poignant reminder of why I am passionate about my work—assisting extraordinary individuals, like Savanna, in authentically telling their unique stories through creative photography. It transcends mere image capturing; it’s about encapsulating the very essence of who you are.

So, if you, too, seek to authentically showcase your essence through captivating visuals, let’s connect. Together, we can elevate your brand, ensuring it stands out amidst a sea of uniformity.

And that’s a wrap for today! Stay tuned for more captivating adventures through my lens.

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