About Last Night – Arno Carstens London Gig

I was super excited to hear Arno Carstens would be coming over to the Uk to perform not only at the Isle of white festival but at an intimate venue in London, called The Halfmoon in Putney and I wrangled my way in to be the photographer for the night of the 21st June. 

I headed off to London at 6pm to get to the venue which I know quite well, from shooting other live gigs there before.   I was prepared… the lighting isn’t the best at the venue but when shooting at intimate venues like this, it is what we as professional photographers are faced with. 

I walked through the doors at 7h30pm and popped over to greet Arno and his wonderful wife, Melanie before getting myself ready to capture some magical moments. 

Opening the show were The Germein Sisters, who brought the house down with their high-energy act. I caught the last 30 minutes of their set, gearing up for Arno’s turn.

This wasn’t my first time shooting Arno, I’ve been a fan since my teenage years, when he dominated the charts with Springbok Nude Girls. And now, as a solo artist, he’s still killing it!

From the time he smashed the charts with multi platinum sales and awards as lead singer of Springbok Nude girls where I was fortunate enough to be present at some amazing venues over the years, and more recently his solo career as the brand Arno Carstens.  

Not only is he an amazing singer, he is also an amazing fine artist where he has become a master of oil on canvas paintings and am as much in love with his paintings as I have been with his music over the years. 

Then it was showtime! Arno graced the stage with his guitar, mesmerizing the crowd with an acoustic set that sent shivers down your spine. From the classics of Springbok Nude Girls to his new single, he had everyone hooked. And ya, he even threw in a few Afrikaans numbers for a touch of home.

The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd was on fire! I had to get creative, sneaking around like a photo ninja to capture those unforgettable moments.

Being behind the camera at a live gig is something else. The lighting’s a wild card, but that’s where the real magic happens. It’s challenging, but it gives you the chance to unleash your creativity in the editing room.

A huge thanks to Arno and Melanie for being so awesome. I hope they love the photos as much as I loved taking them. Can’t wait to team up again soon for another epic shoot!

So there you have it, folks! An epic night of music, captured in all its glory. Until the next adventure, keep shooting and embracing life’s extraordinary moments!

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