Event Photography – Charity Angels UK Fundraising Event

I was fortunate enough to be part of an amazing charity event, ‘The Show for Lesley’, held in Guilford on Sunday 14th November in aid of raising money for the amazing Breast Cancer research charity, called Charity Angels.

The show was dedicated to Lesley, a former member and organizer that unfortunately lost her fight to Breast cancer recently. Two of us were chosen by Steph Harrison to photograph the event and what a day it was!

We arrived at around 11am, met the lovely Christine who showed us around and gave us the schedule for the day. We got to hang out in the artists bar, which was fascinating as the walls were covered with artists over the past 6 decades which was incredible to see who had performed there over the years.

This is where we got to meet the lovely Tony Christie, Hilary O Neil and Cassidy Jansen. Hilary filled us in on some of the stories and times she had performed there including seeing her photo up on the wall of fame a good few times.

Once we had planned the shoot, reckied the joint and tested lighting, it was time for the real work to start. We started photographing some of the models getting ready for the cat walk, then moved on to get some photos of the gorgeous Cassidy Jensen performing as she opened the show with some amazingly performed songs.

Then it was time for the models to strut their stuff and what a lot of fun they had. I was smiling the whole way through shooting whilst moving along the floor on my knees in front of the tables to get some close up natural shots!

After the fashion show, it was lunch time, so we worked the room taking photos of all the tables whilst everyone enjoyed their food.

Then the stage was graced with Erin Connell, a young girl that lost her mother to breast cancer, her story very sad but her voice was so mesmerizing to listen to.

The rest of the afternoon, was spent raising money for Breast Cancer Charity with raffles, auctions etc and I believe over £50K was raised in one afternoon, what an amazing result and wonderful I got to be part of it!

The evening ended with Hilary O Neil making us laugh until our tummies hurt and finally Tony Christie took us on an adventure on our way to Amarillo where sweet Marie was waiting for us!

What a Night !

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